Mürren, Switzerland (Alps)

Mürren, Switzerland, famous for being a hillside, pedestrian only town, and for its association with the James Bond movies, is a storybook ski town in the Swiss alps, with breathtaking views from its’ cliffside location. While famous for skiing, the town’s many ski lifts offer visitors access to summer hiking as well. 

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Located in the German-speaking side of Switzerland, Mürren, draws tourists from across Europe and the World. Locals and tourists can only get to the town from a cog train, which is connected to the parking garage at the base of the mountain by gondola, creating the ultimate romantic Swiss village. Mürren is a great addition to any Western European vacation, and is easily accessed by train from Colmar, France or Speyer, Germany, and is a short road trip away from Annecy, France.

Where to Stay in Mürren, Switzerland

Hotel Eiger - Mürren, Switzerland (Alps)

Hotel Eiger is located in the center of town, and is directly across from the train station. Guests are greeted at the train station by bag porters for the hotel, who load your bags from the train onto a golf cart, and point you towards the hotel. The hotel is across the street from the small train station, looking out over the dramatic mountains of the Swiss Alps. 

View of the Alps from Hotel Eiger - Mürren, Switzerland

Rooms have been modernized to include mountain-inspired touches such as wood detailing and ski-themed art. The hotel also has an indoor pool for year-round enjoyment. The hotel’s restaurant provides breakfast for all guests, and also offers dinner if guests wish to eat there. We suggest splurging for a fondue or raclette dinner at the hotel at some point during your stay in order to enjoy the traditional Swiss meal while overlooking the view of the Valley below.

Where to Eat in Mürren, Switzerland

As mentioned above, Hotel Eiger provides breakfast for guests. For lunch, we recommend eating at any of the restaurants on the hill. Many of the chair lifts drop off at landing points that also include restaurants, which offer rustic food and panoramic views. If you are a James Bond fan, plan to eat at the revolving restaurant Piz Gloria (so no one ever has a the “bad view”), at the top of the Schilthorn mountain (more about that later). 

For dinner, split your meals between the Hotel Eiger and other restaurants in town. There is everything from traditional Swiss food to a Chinese restaurant, so you should be able to find something fun!

Things to Do in Mürren, Switzerland

Because Mürren is a ski resort, in the winter, skiing is the primary draw to the mountain. We went in the summer, and enjoyed hiking and daytripping from the village. Here were some of our favorite activities:

Hiking the mountains around Mürren, Switzerland (Alps)


Ask the hotel for suggestions of hikes and up-to-date trail maps. Whether you start by a gondola ride or just walk from town, the area is in the center of a huge hiking system, so start exploring!

View from Mürren, Switzerland

Visit Piz Gloria on the Schilthorn

This activity is for both James Bond fans and for those who have never seen a Bond movie. Take the gondola up to the summit of the Schilthorn to view the 360 degree views. Piz Gloria is where part of the movie James Bond movie On her Majesty’s Secret Service was filmed. Eat lunch in the revolving restaurant, or simply visit it for the views and then head back down the gondola. 

View from cog train to Mürren, Switzerland

For the Family: Mini Golf

In the Village of Mürren, there is a family mini golf course (located a couple of minutes from Hotel Eiger). This is a fun event for the whole family to enjoy.

Day-trip to Interlaken

At the base of the gondola up to Mürren is a train that will take you to Interlaken. The town has a much larger shopping district (where you can buy everything from clothes to Swiss watches or Cookoo clocks), while still being a scenic river-side town. Enjoy shopping and walking the streets of the picturesque Swiss town.

Mürren, Switzerland (Alps)

Day-trip to Gimmelwald

Any Rick Steve’s follower will recognize the name of his favorite Swiss village: Gimmelwald. Only a short hike from Mürren, Gimmelwald is a tiny village of wood chalets and barns. On your way back, either hike or take the gondola back to Mürren.

For the Family: Swim at the Town Pool

While Hotel Eiger has a lovely indoor pool, the town’s pool, located close to the mini golf course, is a massive indoor Olympic sized pool made for the whole family. Play in the kids area at the pool, or enjoy the race-style dive boards for laps.