Colmar (Alsace Region), France

Colmar is located in the center of the Alsace region of France, and looks like the center of Fantasyland in Disneyland. Because the region’s control was passed between French and German Rulers throughout history, the fairytale style architecture reflects both cultures. This combination of architecture has resulted in colorful half-timbered houses throughout the region.

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Colmar is a great jumping off point for the Alsace region. We love Colmar because it is smaller than Straßbourg, but still offers great accommodations. While Colmar is adorable, in order to see all of Alsace, your family should also day trip to other towns.

Where To Stay in Colmar

Hotel Quatorze

Located in the center of Colmar, Hotel Quatorze boasts a perfect combination of modern finishes within the historic town center. We loved the central courtyard, which boasted lounge seating where guests could read a book, or gather together.

Where To Eat in Colmar

While Hotel Quatorze offers breakfast, we suggest you and your family explore Colmar’s bakeries instead (much cheaper, and more adventurous). 

Also make sure to check out the “Marche Couvert” for breakfast and lunch. It’s a covered market in the center of Colmar that offers decent priced food, and a locals atmosphere

Marche Couvert Address:

13 Rue Écoles, 68000 Colmar, France

For dinner, the Alsace region offers a unique combination of German and French cuisine. We loved finding a restaurant in the center of town that offered outdoor seating so that we could enjoy watching the town while eating. Make sure to try German food such as Spaetzle, or French cuisine such as Steak frites while in the region.

Things To Do in Colmar and the Alsace Region

Historic half-timbered buildings in Alsace, France

Our goal for visiting Colmar was to experience as much of the fairytale-like towns in the Alsace region. Of the towns we visited, our very favorite was Riquewihr, because of the village’s central historic core, and the fun shopping that included everything from Alsacian souvenirs to fine art. 

Cathedral with stork nest on bell tower in small town in Alsace, France

Straßbourg is also worth a daytrip, as it is the largest of the towns in the Alsace region, and boasts everything from winding cobblestone streets to a dramatic Gothic Cathedral in the city center. You can find out more about our favorite ways to maximize your day trip to Strasbourg here!

Marche Couvert, Colmar (Alsace, France)

Besides being known for romantic half-timbered towns, Alsace is one of France’s primary regions for wineries. Visiting a winery or attending a wine tasting event can be an extremely enjoyable and memorable way to spend one of your days in Colmar. If traveling with family, wineries can still be fun: many wineries also allow children to attend tours, and may even include a tasting of grape juice depending on the winery. (Check with individual wineries on their family policies and tour offerings before planning to take children.)

Old Town Colmar, France

While much of your time in Colmar will be spent daytripping to nearby towns, Colmar itself is much more than just a place to sleep. The town has been dubbed “Little Venice” for the canals that are wound throughout the town’s neighborhoods. Colmar is also filled with different churches and cathedrals, so make sure to take the time to walk through the town and marvel at the quantity of churches and detail of each church.